@SimplySamee : A student finding his way in to the wondrous world of opportunities and challenges, aspiring to be an entrepreneur in the field of business and trade, passionate about a healthy lifestyle and inquisitive in finding answers to some of the basic questions of life. I believe we are here not as an individual but as a part of a larger than life jigsaw puzzle. We are just one of it’s pieces. There are many others. This was the reason, I decided in a nano second to jump in and be part of SpeciallyAbled to make a change- as best and as far as we possibly can. The feeling of contributing few words, few minutes to this or any other philanthropic cause can’t be described in words. And the smiles, the feeling of sharing the pain, the feeling of support, we give and get in return is priceless.

@Stuck_In_Time : Daniyal is someone who thinks outside the box. The love of writing poems has taught him to twist a simple idea within a complex web of words. He cares not what people think, often time messing with their heads using his magic of words. He thinks its hard to describe him but in reality he is just stuck in time, with his thoughts, his words, his soul. He blogs his insane thoughts at Last Rhyme. Read more about him here.

@ImZeesh: Zeeshan is a writer  who never misses out on a chance to speak against the illogical norms and rules present within the society. A blogger, photographer and one of the most active astronomers in his city, Hyderabad (Pakistan), Zeeshan is an avid book collector too. He has made short films, as well as written for a famous English newspaper. His blog was shortlisted for Pakistan Blog Awards 2011. He likes to watch films, eat Biryani and Lasagne, read books, go book hunting as well and play cricket, and watch it too. His dream is to get his book published one day.


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