On International Day for People with Disability

Often we forget about the people with disabilities. We ignore them, their issues and move on with our lives. It is indeed our responsibility to be there for other human beings. To be there for the people who could use your kindness and support. No, they do not need any sympathy from you, but no one says no to love and kindness, you know. So, spread love, and try to be there for the disabled people.

Today is United Nations’ International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and this year’s theme is “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all“. Disabled people often face barriers when it comes to all walks on life that we take for granted such as education, health care, justice and so on. This goes against the society itself, which is based on the concept of equal rights for every individual. It is indeed tragic that despite the advances in the technology, and the evolution of societies, this issue has still not been weeded out.

In our country, Pakistan, this issue has been there for a long time. People with disabilities often face hurdles. Lack of strong educational infrastructure, lack of proper law structure and policies and so on are major contributors to the whole scenario.

How can we actually help the cause? Well, it’s all about doing your bit. Start by looking around you, your neighborhood, your town, your city. Spread the awareness about the issue, have healthy discussions with the general public, request the local authority to create projects that would help in the reduction of the barriers. Lend a hand before anyone even reaches out. Our little efforts can make all the difference.