Hope – Trying One More Time

A better tomorrow, isn’t that what one hopes for? An obstacle, a pain, a tear, a strain one less than yesterday, is that not a better tomorrow? A better today?

Acknowledging one’s fears and feelings, be it pain or sadness, does not mean one has lost hope. Trying to face all sorrows bravely and expecting to handle them just the same in the future, is that not a stronger, more satisfying feeling? Happiness, a smile, joy, laughter after fighting your demons, your fears, your sorrows?

Hope! If not that, what else do we survive on? When we raise our hands for prayers, if not hope, what else do we rely on? Like a candle where the glowing wick is held in place by wax, it is faith in the heart that keeps the hope intact. Sometimes, it is overwhelming. It is hard to go on. And if you feel like giving up, remember after dark comes light, and a better tomorrow is just in sight :) As the saying goes,

Hope never abandons you, you abandon it ~ George Weinberg.

4 responses to “Hope – Trying One More Time

  1. A perfect addition to the blog! A good read and great food for thought. Has really made me rethink all those plans I set aside thinking it was pointless to pursue them. Lowed it!

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