Reaching out

Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson.

I reach out,

If you hold my hand,

I need you now,

Alone I stand,

I am hurting,

Not knowing what to do,

But if you stay,

I’ll make it through,

And if given the chance,

My dear friend,

I’ll be there too,

Holding your hand.

                                                                                             – Hina K.

Depression is not common amongst all disabled people but it is fairly common in them because of the unique situations and life challenges they have to face. Whether it is the person who has the disability or another who is indirectly effected by it, in one way or the other they are all struggling. Instead of feeling sorry and shaking your head, be empathetic. Come forward, lend a hand… because sometimes, that is all they need. :)


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