People On Wheels.. A Lot Cooler Than Those In Wheels!

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Dear Dr. Run-Over-My-Toes-With-Your-Creaky-Wheel-Chair,

I know its been quite some time since we spoke… but a lot has been going on. I’ve made a few new friends, I think I’m done with education and I guess I don’t have a lot to rant about these days. I just had a thought…. what if you are Dr. X? You know.. The dude from X-men… Charles Xavier? Wait… that means you could mind fuck me! …. Dude, wait. I love you man… I swear this isn’t a rant! I just thought of something I wanted to share with my single subscriber and anybody who might stumble onto this! I swear! NO HARM INTENDED MY MAN! Its a Public Service Message! … Here goes!


I came across this picture today.

In case you don’t understand what it’s about, its a disabled man participating in extreme sports for disabled people. This is a sort of half…

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