Disability Issues – Not to be discussed?


Recently, in a discussion about my blog with a friend I asked him to suggest some good topics to write on regarding disabled people. He immediately changed the topic. I asked again. He kept ignoring my question and changing topics till I talked about something else. And it got me thinking.

Why do people think that not talking about issues related to disability would somehow make us feel better? What is it? Not talking about disability doesn’t make it go away. And talking about it doesn’t make us fall apart. Everyone has problems and everyone shares them to make themselves feel better in whatever way they want. This is our ‘personal’ problem and we find it okay to talk to our friends or family about it. If we can listen to yours without judging you and offering our help then why can’t you? What makes it so awkward, so uncomfortable?

Some of my friends tell me its because they don’t want me to think of myself as disabled or lacking anything or ‘not normal’. But the point is I don’t. Facing reality and being okay with it is a courageous move, rather than thinking its dejected, giving up stance on life! Tomorrow, if they plan to go rock climbing I know I am not going to be part of it, how would they want me to feel then? Face reality or sugar coated special treatment?

Sure, I get it. Its not easy to talk about someone’s weakness especially when it comes so naturally to you that you don’t think twice about it. But instead of resorting to such insulting tactics, tell us. We can handle it, really! As the saying goes:

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself ~ Leo Tolstoy.

Think. Understand. Change!


5 responses to “Disability Issues – Not to be discussed?

  1. In my opinion, most people don’t really know how to deal with their friend’s problems. I know, because I’ve seen it happen quite a few times.

    Another reason could be a lack of interest in the expected, ensuing ‘discussion’ or ‘whining’. Sure, you don’t whine, but quite a few people do tend to do so and quite a few ‘friends’ aren’t really interested in hearing your problems. It tends to become a one way street with most.

    However, I do agree that something needs to be done about this, because people turn things like disabilities into taboos that just result in hurting the involved person. Whether it’s a psychological issue, or a physical disability; people tend to look away.

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