Specially Abled – At A Glance

I am a person who doesn’t blend in a crowd. Always in the limelight, I am judged as either amazing or someone who should be felt sorry for. Yes, I am a disabled person, a paraplegic.

Did that introduction make you sad? That is exactly the perception me and my friends have gathered here to change. Disability isn’t taboo. You don’t have to be amazed or sad. We are just as normal as anyone else albeit some physical differences. Next time you see someone on a wheelchair, or using sign language or anyone who doesn’t fit in your idea of a ‘normal’ person don’t stop and give a curious look, just move on. Let them be respected individuals in a society as it is their right, like yours!

My friends and I are not making tall claims to bring massive overnight paradigm shift in society. But we are seeking to make small changes. Our main aim is to mobilise disabled people as much as possible. Whether its in academics, workplace or entertainment purposes. They should be able to live as normally as possible and provided all opportunities to thrive in this society.

We will be providing information of places which are disabled friendly. From schools to restaurants, parks, shopping malls, hospitals etc. Disabled people should be out and about and not feel that they are burdening anyone with their ‘problems’ or that they are not welcome anywhere. Once we get enough people on board we will also be aiming to make more places accessible.

As of now our focus will be on Karachi, because that is where I have lived and experienced my life. Here, my friends and I would take the opportunity to urge people to join in and provide us with information of Karachi and even other cities, areas so we can broaden our scope to reach more places eventually, InshaAllah.

You maybe wondering why we would want to ‘mobilize’ the disabled when currently the security for the very abled is at question in this country and especially Karachi. Well, our answer is, did anybody else stop living? Then why should we?

Concept by: @KashifMalim


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